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The Computing Division provides every staff member or student with personal disk space. The department allows staff members and university departments to purchase large amounts of disk space for their work.

The service is provided by the Data Center team.

  • Large Disc Space
  • Personal Computer Space

Service prices

  For use for research and supercomputing For any other use
Yearly fee for 250GB
(for purchasing up to 10TB)
220 NIS 550 NIS
Yearly fee for 1TB
(for purchasing over 10TB)
800 NIS 2000 NIS
Yearly fee for 1TB
(for long term storage without performance guarantees. Not intended for processing)
500 NIS -
Yearly fee for 250GB
(Purchase and commitment* for three years)
600 NIS 1500 NIS
Yearly price for a 250GB backup 100 NIS 150 NIS

*with no option for cancellation


Ordering the service

The order is carried out via a computerized system that efficiently and transparently directs your request to the relevant support division.

You can track your request regarding its status, and notes can also be added during the process. A survey can be filled out after the ticket has been closed to rate the service.

The request must be sent together with a form for purchasing computer services at Tel Aviv University.

The payment will be made via budget transfer only.

To open a request, enter the support ticket portal.


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